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Cleanroom Conveyors from Mini-Mover Conveyors

Class 100 Cleanroom Conveyors from Mini-Mover Conveyors

Affordable Class 100 Cleanroom Options in Both Lite and LP Platforms

Mini-Mover Conveyors, div. of Whipple Ent., today announced its newly Clean Room recertified Lite Series and LP Series conveyors, which include cost-saving belting options, for Class 100 (ISO 5) compliant applications.

Modern manufacturing and product development is expanding into more delicate application environments, making clean rooms increasingly necessary. Industries like medical research, food and beverage production, electronics, solar panel manufacturing, PPE (personal protection equipment) have seen a greatly increased need for cleanroom automation and technology — which includes conveyors.

With affordability in mind, Mini-Mover Conveyors now offers several newly certified cleanroom conveyor options. They’re easy to operate, easy to fit into existing cells, and are easy to fit into your budget, all while meeting cleanroom specifications.

Certified to Meet Class 100, ISO 5 Cleanroom Requirements

Expensive stainless steel conveyors may be unneeded for your application. Our cleanroom certified Mini-Mover conveyors are made from anodized aluminum, with modifications in place to mitigate dusting, compliant with Fed STD 209E Class 100, ISO 5 particulate requirements. Mini-Mover Conveyors also offers several FDA-approved belting options, all certified under operating conditions to meet Class 100 standards.

In the past, when considering the purchase of a conveyor for use in a cleanroom environment, the main objective has been to find a hygienic, easily cleaned, FDA compliant and certified product, regardless of the extra expense. And often, it was prohibitive. At Mini-Mover Conveyors, we took this as a challenge.

Without first examining one’s actual application needs on the production floor, the usual misconception is that 100-percent stainless steel construction is the only possible option to meet cleanroom requirements. Our certified Mini-Mover conveyor units disprove that theory. In many cases, going “all stainless” can be an enormous waste of money. Give Mini-Mover Conveyors a call or email, and see how we can help move you along.

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