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Low Profile (LP) Series Small Conveyor

Low Profile LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyors - with and without T-slot Profiles

Low Profile (LP) Series Highlights

  • Ultra-Low Profile. At 1.5″ high, the Low Profile (LP) Conveyor easily integrates into existing equipment or new work cell designs.
  • Light and Modular. Portability and ease of adding sectional lengths make the Low Profile (LP) a versatile investment.
  • Easily Accessorized. Numerous off-shelf accessories transform the Low Profile (LP) into a flexible solution for specialized uses. Customization becomes cost-effective and fast.

Standard Model Specifications

  • Frame: 1.5″ High hard-clear-anodized aluminum
  • Slider Bed: 3/8″ polished aluminum
  • Pulleys: 1.25″ dia. precision crowned aluminum
  • Pulley Bearings: Ball bearing, doubled sealed for life
  • Accessory Mounting: Aluminum T-slot Profile
  • Conveyor Belts: Select from a wide variety of smooth surface and cleated belts in the belt options section.
  • Load Capacity: The Low Profile (LP) series maximum load carrying capacity is 150 lb. Drive speed has an inverse effect on load capacity. To determine load carrying capacity at a specific speed, use the gearmotor selection chart.


Mini-Mover Conveyors: The Low Profile Series small conveyor features an ultra-low-profile frame, originally designed for the metal stamping industry. This compact design allows for installations in confined locations and provides added accessibility for workers in assembly, packaging, labeling, and other operations. Mini-Mover Low Profile (LP) conveyors feature 1.5″ high, hard clear anodized aluminum frames. Our low profile conveyor offers optional T-slot side extrusions for simple accessory mounting, and a wide selection of fixed side guides and adjustable guide rail configurations.

Standard low-profile belt conveyor sizes range from 2″ to 16″ in width, and 12″ to 12′ in length. Drive packages are available in many varieties, both fixed or variable speed. Low-profile conveyor belt options are available in a variety of materials to suit most any application. Extended sizes, DC and pneumatic drives, dual belt and gang-drive conveyors are available on a build-to-order basis.

When equipped with the tapered Razor-Link™ Low Profile (LP) end option, Low Profile (LP) Series modules become ideal building blocks for close-proximity applications such as multi-station transition, small parts transfer and 90-degree turns.

For more information on our standard and custom Mini-Mover small, lightweight conveyors please contact us.

Small Conveyor Belting Selection

Low Profile (LP) Series conveyors have a wide variety of flat and cleated belting options available. Unless otherwise specified, Low Profile (LP) conveyors ship with flat U1-Style all-purpose white belting as shown above. U1-style belting performs well for most applications. Our website lists our most popular flat and cleated alternatives to U1 material, but many types of special materials are available — just ask us.

To verify the optimal belting solution for the application, please consult with your sales representative. We have many additional belting and cleat options not featured on this website.

Drive Package Selection

  • Side Mount (S-Style) Consists of gearmotor, controls and hardware needed for Right- or Left-side mount.
  • O/UM Drive Packages – over- and undermount — These consist of gearmotor, speed controls and related mounting hardware. Various O/UM drive packages are available for the Low Profile (LP) Series.
  • Remote Mount (R-Style) Consists of S-Style components, plus hardware needed to mount gearmotor remotely from the conveyor module.
  • Motor Electrical & Control Options: The standard LP drive package is 115/60/1 VAC with fixed-speed controls. Motors may also be supplied in 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 or 3-phase, brushless DC, in a configuration that meets the user’s on-site electrical, speed and torque requirements. Variable-speed controls are also available.

Small Conveyor Accessories

Mini-Mover small conveyor offers a variety of Low Profile (LP) Series conveyor accessories that will suite your production needs. Our wide selection of conveyor stands, mounting brackets, guide rails and more will let you fully customize your small conveyor configuration.

Mini Mover is here to answer all of your questions relating to your custom small conveyor configuration. please consult with your sales representative for more information on small conveyor accessories.