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Made in the USA, Mini-Mover Conveyors Made in the USA Conveyors designed, machined, and assembled here in America by our expert craftsmen. Slideshow - LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyors Excel in Robotics Pick and Place LP Series Conveyors Robotic applications have a cost-effective and highly configurable partner with the LP Series conveyor LP Series Mini-Mover with Timing-Belt Cleats Upgraded Compact Drives LP Series Mini-Mover with Timing-Belt Cleats Powerful, quiet and long-lasting CG Group drives are cost-effective Slideshow - LP Series Mini-Mover with Cleatss Small Conveyors Built Your Way Versatile modules, belting and cleat options for any application Slideshow - Lite Series Mini-Mover in Brazing Machine Cell Slideshow - Mini-Mover RTA and Lites Used for Surge Function Rotary Accumulator Tables Our PVC-top tables collect and protect work product during overnight operation, surge and transfer functions Slideshow - Mini-Mover RTA with Dual Rails Slideshow - Lite Series Mini-Mover for Machine Shops Lite Series Conveyors Our most popular and economical design with thousands of units in service Slideshow - Lite Series Mini-Mover for Machine Shops Work Cell Transport with Mini-Mover Conveyors Work-Cell integration Safe transport across the plant with Lite and LP Series conveyors

Mini-Mover Conveyors

MINI-MOVER CONVEYORS, a division of Whipple Enterprises, is an industry value leader in the design and manufacture of small low-profile mini conveyors, rotary table accumulators (RTA) and Uni-Mate systems, which are ideal automation solutions.

Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mini-Mover Conveyors remains open, as we are considered an essential manufacturing business. Please stay safe, everyone!

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Hoppers with Mini-Mover Conveyors Add to Safety

Whether it’s for high-volume precision machining or a packaging line sorting bottle caps, hoppers paired with an inclined conveyor provide a smooth transfer of components. Our Mini-Mover conveyors have proven to be an ideal companion for these setups. Shown in this photo, collected parts in the hopper will be released onto an inclined, cleated Lite…

Stainless Steel Overlay on Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA)

The optional stainless steel overlay tops for Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) units offer added table-top protection when you are handling highly abusive parts or materials. Ordered as a factory option. Call us at 1-800-586-4584 for info.

Special Body Armor Loom Uses Mini-Mover Conveyors

Echelon Materials, founded in 2005, aims to improve the protective capability of textiles used in ballistic protections such as body armor for military and law enforcement personnel. The company has developed a patented new fabric, called Ti-Tek™, which includes titanium “knives” to better protect wearers from high-velocity rifle bullets. A proprietary weaving process produces the…

Articles and Updates

Razor-Link Option for LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyor

Razor-Link™ for LP Series ConveyorsMini-Mover Conveyors Mini-Mover Conveyors offers production availability of the Razor-Link™ option for its LP (Low-Profile) Series of Mini-Mover conveyors. Razor-Link™ allows quick and easy modular setup for close-proximity applications, such as multi-station transition, small-parts transfer and 90-degree turns. Razor-Link™ uses a true “roller nose” design that uses two precision-machined aluminum pulleys to provide smooth, bearing assisted belt travel. This design...

Uni-Mate® Family

Uni-Mate® FamilyMini-Mover ConveyorsAffordable Uni-Mate® Family Saves Parts & Labor for Unattended Machine Operation Affordable and fully-featured, the Uni-Mate® from Mini-Mover Conveyors offers accumulation table, Lite Series conveyor, variable-speed function and cycle-timed indexing as standard -- bundled in a single package priced well below comparable competitive offerings. Available in three standard table diameters and a variety...

Compact Group Kit

Compact Group KitMini-Mover ConveyorsNew: Compact Digital Controller & Brushless DC Gearmotor KitAn Affordable, Space-Saving Combination for a Wide Range of Speeds Mini-Mover Conveyors now offers a variable-speed solution that combines precise, stable variable speed control, wide speed selection, torque and cool, quiet operation - all in a space-saving package ideal for tight spaces or designs....