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Product Coding Made Easier with Mini-Mover Conveyers

Life gets simpler when you add a simple Mini-Mover tabletop conveyor to your product-coding operation, When printing codes (e.g. date codes) on products with an ink jet printer, your product must pass within 1/4-inch of the print head and at a consistent speed. This conveyor can do it. In this photo example, courtesy of Pro...
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Cheese-Maker’s Alternative to Stainless Steel

Do you always need a stainless steel conveyor in a food manufacturing environment? Not always, and Mini-Mover Conveyors offers some economical options for your food packaging needs. This cheese maker uses Mini-Mover Conveyors for product coding and marking. Stainless steel units are simply not necessary in all sections of the food manufacturer’s plant. Once the...
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Tough Conveyors for Metalworking Mfg.

Manufacturing and metalworking can be pretty dirty, with dusts, oils and fluids. Mini-Mover conveyors were designed specifically for factory tasks. These tough little units require no expensive maintenance or heroics to remain reliable. This picture shows an example from one of our customers who manufactures high-volume industrial components. The conveyor has been in regular service...
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In-Line Waterfall Transfers for Labeling, Counting and More

Waterfall conveyor transfers are not only useful for corner-turn applications. When arranged in-line, two or more shorter conveyors become core modules to form a long waterfalled line. Portable Mini-Mover conveyors are ideal choices for this use. In-line waterfall transfers are especially useful for assembly, label reading, printing or counting, where the top-most infeed conveyor can...
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Cleanroom Mini-Mover Conveyors Serve Many Industries

It’s important to have cleanroom-certified equipment when working in sensitive environments such as those in medical research, labs, food and beverage packaging, PPE production and electronics manufacturing. Mini-Mover Conveyors is dedicated to making the transition to Class 100 – ISO 5 compliant automation as seamless as possible for its users. The Lite Series and LP...
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Heat-Tolerant Mini-Mover Conveyors for Electronics

Mini-Mover Conveyors can take the heat! This manufacturer of miniature high voltage electronic devices uses Mini-Mover conveyors in its potting work cells. (In electronics, potting is a process of coating sensitive parts with a protective material that hardens.) In this potting unit, a Mini-Mover conveyor is used to transport freshly coated components or subassemblies through...
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Unattended Machine Unloading with Uni-Mate®

Unattended machine unloading and collection is easy with a Mini-Mover Uni-Mate® product: it’s a combined Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) and Lite Series conveyor kit with indexing timer, variable speed controls — with great kit pricing. These hardy units can accumulate delicate parts with care, and even fluid-soaked or gritty parts are no problem. Just set...
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LP Series Mini-Mover for Medical Packaging

Here’s a Mini-Mover LP Series Conveyor used in “squeeze” mode for package integrity testing on medical gel tubes. The tubes are being ejected from a tube filling machine. The LP conveyor mounted over the conveying surface is set to squeeze each tube. This tests each tube to verify a complete seal of the seam along...
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Critical Parts Separation Made Easier

Product separation of critical workpieces is no small matter for precision or high-volume parts manufacturers. Mini-Mover conveyors, whether Lite or LP Series units, have proven a favorite solution toward protecting sensitive parts. Small, touchy components – such as those made for electronics or aeronautics applications — cannot just be dumped into a bucket when exiting...
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Time & Cost Saved with Mini-Mover Parts Unloading

Mini-Mover conveyors can help your CNC operator save all that machine unloading for more varied tasks. Instead of manually unloading workpieces, add a conveyor-aided unloading system. The operator is then free to tend several CNC machines or work on other time-critical jobs. With this simple (but effective) bit of conveyor automation, sensitive workpieces can also...
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