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Month: July 2015

CNC + RTA Rotary Table = High Output + Quality

High volume precision parts production is worthless without quality results. Our customer, who produces automotive and medical parts to global markets, runs 3 plants, 3 shifts and 24/7 using our rotary tables (RTAs) at the discharge end of their workcells – to ensure sensitive parts are separated and undamaged. Without constant operator supervision. Shown here are...
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After 10+ years (20,000 hours), it finally needs replacing…

Our customer suspected that, after a hard, 10-year run, this belt might be replacing. Besides being soaked with fluids and caked with metal shavings day – in, day out – this belt is so beat up, the cleats have worn down to nubs.
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Easy Lite Integration for Lathe Parts Removal

Our customer installed this small Lite Series conveyor in a Swiss lathe, which runs various-length tubes. Longer tubes can be ejected through the sub-spindle, while the short ones are conveyed to the collection bin. This frees the operator to attend to other jobs while the finished parts accumulate.
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