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Month: June 2017

Tabletop Feet and Extender Options for Mini-Mover Conveyor

Tabletop feet have become a popular accessory for Mini-Mover Conveyors in bench-top applications. These sturdy, rubber-bottomed feet keep the unit stable on the surface, yet completely portable. The feet alone can bring the conveyor up to about 3″ max from the bench surface in most cases. But if a little more height is needed, the...
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Inclined LP Conveyor Saves Scientists Some Backaches

Sometimes, small changes in a work sequence can save operators a lot of aches and pains. This application uses an inclined LP Series conveyor in a semi-automatic packaging system in the company’s R & D lab. Before the conveyor was added, the operators had to manually place the pallet on the top belt or push...
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