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Year: 2017

Happy Holidays from Mini-Mover Conveyors

We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season.  We are grateful to you —  our loyal customers, partners, suppliers and friends —  for another record-breaking year and and look forward to our all sharing a prosperous New Year in 2018.
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LP Conveyors in Mini-Demo for High-Speed Spectrometer

Here are a pair of LP Series conveyors used in a miniature demo system built to simulate a process environment.  This demo shows the rapid scan rate of the Ocean FX spectrometer, made by Ocean Optics of Florida. With onboard processing and Ethernet communications, Ocean FX is ideal for at-line and in-line color measurements, high-speed plastics...
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Mini-Mover Adds More Sizes to RTA Lineup

To help our customers get the most out of their limited floor space, we’ve “mini-ized” some of our Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) units, to add two smaller tabletop models. By popular demand, in addition to our existing models, we offer as standard the 12″ diameter (Model 60-012) and 16″ diameter (Model 60-016) products.   Our other...
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Inspection Station with Lite Series Conveyors

With the help of this Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyor, this machine’s finished parts can go directly to the adjacent inspection table in a labor-saving and ergonomically safe way for the operator.  
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UBC Geography Study To Aid Urban Planners

We’re always interested in how our conveyors can help in university research projects.  In this case, the project seems much more interesting than the conveyor!  Here we have a geography study at the University of British Columbia, with an LP Series conveyor slowly dropping particles into a water stream. But what these experiments will accomplish,...
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LP Series Conveyor in Miniature Reject Station with PLC Trainers

This LP Series Mini-Mover conveyor is an integral part of a miniature reject station in Automation Nth’s employee and customer Training Center. The reject station is used to simulate a few of the challenges that controls engineers may face in an actual conveying applications. The company’s controls engineers have the opportunity to connect any one...
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Celebrate MFG DAY! And U.S. Mfg Has Grown at Fastest Pace Since 2004

Today is Manufacturing Day and this week’s figures from the Institute for Supply Management showed American manufacturing expanded last month at the fastest pace in 13 years. MFG DAY is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing during which manufacturers invite their communities – including students, educators, business-people, media, and politicians – to their facilities in...
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1 Lite Conveyor + 1 Dump Truck + 3 Kids = Fun at Museum Exhibit

Here’s an educational and interactive Children’s Museum exhibit that uses 1 Lite Series conveyor, 1 dump truck, 3 children and teamwork.  Child 1 (pink arrow) cranks the fertilizer pellets into the dump truck.  Child 2 (blue arrow) drives the filled truck to the farmland and unloads it, and Child 3 (green arrow) navigates the pellets...
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Punch Press Operation with LP Series Mini-Mover

Sheet metal punch press operation goes a little more efficiently with an LP Series Mini-Mover in this HVAC manufacturer’s facility. After shearing and initial punch shown here, the sheets are stacked for staging to the next operation.
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Tough Lite Conveyor Speeds Electronics Parts Mfg.

This Lite Series conveyor  was installed as an ergonomic improvement to eliminate a high hopper in this electronic parts workstation. The copper Thermi-Foil connectors in this part of the manufacturing process  are brazed to shut the wire barrel seams.  Then the connectors are collected and moved to the next station.  It’s important that the conveyor...
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