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Month: September 2021

Glue Machine with LP Automates Wood-Panel Assembly

Precision and perfection are the goals for all wood components made by Indiana Dimension (IDI), a Logansport, Ind. based company that supplies wood product manufacturers nationwide. For their 5-piece cabinet panel assemblies, precise gluing is essential for a sturdy, beautiful product. To better assure this, and speed up the process, IDI engineers devised a portable...
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“Handwrytten” Robot Automation for Marketers

Yes, we spelled that right: Handwrytten, a Phoenix-based automaton company with a clever robotic handwriting solution. It’s the answer to those scads of letters and thank-you cards that marketers everywhere need to get out to their customers and friends, No more backlog or writers’ cramp. The Handwrytten automated writing system uses a Mini-Mover LP Series...
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Protecting Human Fingers: Conveyor & Cobot Automation

As can be seen in this photo, this function using a cobot gripper used to be a human hand. Previously, hand-feeding blanks into this screws machine cell was hazardous to operators and at best, inexact. However, the risky particular loading and unloading function was automated by using a Mini-Mover conveyor and cobot arm/gripper. The result...
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