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Category: Lite Series Conveyors

Innovative Integration of Mini-Mover Conveyor onto Lathe

Check out this innovative customer who found a clever solution for speeding up parts unloading at their CNC station. They attached a Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyor directly onto the lathe’s sliding door under the parts catcher. Now, whenever the operator needs access inside the machine, the conveyor and door slide aside simultaneously. Talk about a...
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Automated Unloading from Cell to Inspection

No more manual lifting! This multi-shift plant took automation to the next level with inclined Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyors. Now, these versatile conveyors unload and feed finished parts directly to portable inspection stations at each machine cell. Say goodbye to operator backaches and hello to greater shop efficiency! #AutomationRevolution #AutomationConveyors
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Smoother, Faster Bottle-Filling Workflow

In the realm of industrial automation, efficiency and precision are key factors that can make or break a production line. The ability to seamlessly transport products from one operation to another is crucial in ensuring a smooth workflow and maximizing productivity. That’s where the Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor comes into play. The Mini-Mover Lite Series...
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Cheers to Innovative Microbrewers!

Cheers to innovation! Over 60 microbrewers across the US and Canada have found the perfect solution for canning their delicious brews. Thanks to the Mini-Mover conveyors and rotary accumulator tables, these talented brewers can streamline their production process like never before. With this efficient automation, they can ensure efficient canning operations and maintain the high...
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Lite Conveyors Speed the Mint

Gone are the days of manual labor and delay for repetitive tasks. With this integrated conveyor system, materials smoothly flow from one workstation to another, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing errors. This custom minting company uses Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyors in the coin production line that produces silver coin blanks, as shown in here.
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Tough Conveyors for Metalworking Mfg.

Manufacturing and metalworking can be pretty dirty, with dusts, oils and fluids. Mini-Mover conveyors were designed specifically for factory tasks. These tough little units require no expensive maintenance or heroics to remain reliable. This picture shows an example from one of our customers who manufactures high-volume industrial components. The conveyor has been in regular service...
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Cleanroom Mini-Mover Conveyors Serve Many Industries

It’s important to have cleanroom-certified equipment when working in sensitive environments such as those in medical research, labs, food and beverage packaging, PPE production and electronics manufacturing. Mini-Mover Conveyors is dedicated to making the transition to Class 100 – ISO 5 compliant automation as seamless as possible for its users. The Lite Series and LP...
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Heat-Tolerant Mini-Mover Conveyors for Electronics

Mini-Mover Conveyors can take the heat! This manufacturer of miniature high voltage electronic devices uses Mini-Mover conveyors in its potting work cells. (In electronics, potting is a process of coating sensitive parts with a protective material that hardens.) In this potting unit, a Mini-Mover conveyor is used to transport freshly coated components or subassemblies through...
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Critical Parts Separation Made Easier

Product separation of critical workpieces is no small matter for precision or high-volume parts manufacturers. Mini-Mover conveyors, whether Lite or LP Series units, have proven a favorite solution toward protecting sensitive parts. Small, touchy components – such as those made for electronics or aeronautics applications — cannot just be dumped into a bucket when exiting...
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Flexible L-Configuration to Suit Your Needs

When a Z-style conveyor won’t do: Sometimes the product or the process requires a different conveyor setup for elevation changes. We call it our Mini-Mover “L configuration.” It can achieve inclined or declined product movement, with a combination of belting types to suit the application. Sometimes, the application’s fixtures call for a gap at the...
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