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Month: February 2023

National Retro Day – Blast from the Past!

Get ready. It’s National Retro Day this Sunday, Feb. 27. It’s a day to revive memories and old moments. Put on your polyester Nehru jacket or wear big hair! We dusted off our photo archive to find this 20-plus year-old photo of an “original” pre-production Mini-Mover Conveyor. Blast from the past! (The CNC machine is...
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Lean Production with Mini-Mover LP Conveyor

This Six Sigma-minded manufacturer devised a clever way to reduce NVAA (Non Value-Added Activities) at this high-volume production station. Using an inclined Mini-Mover LP Series conveyor, the freshly cut parts are transported up and discharged into a feeder chute. The chute leads to a tumbler, which sifts out metal debris before the parts are emptied...
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1-Inch Squeeze Conveyors for Box Packaging

Two narrow Mini-Mover LP series conveyors put the squeeze on small, filled product boxes, to create smooth folds. The LP Series conveyors are one-inch wide, equipped with grippy PVC belting. One unit is mounted upside-down and spaced one inch above the first unit. As product boxes move along the bottom LP conveyor, the top LP...
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Flexible L-Configuration to Suit Your Needs

When a Z-style conveyor won’t do: Sometimes the product or the process requires a different conveyor setup for elevation changes. We call it our Mini-Mover “L configuration.” It can achieve inclined or declined product movement, with a combination of belting types to suit the application. Sometimes, the application’s fixtures call for a gap at the...
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