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Month: April 2015

Lite Series indexing conveyor allows better testing in less time & fewer operators

Using sensor-positioning indexing, this Mini-Mover Liter Series conveyor is the core of a high-volume LED tester system. In less than 8 seconds, the tester verifies all LEDs are working, all connectors are present, the bar-code is correct and the board is delivering the correct color-temperature light. The tester automatically sorts good and bad boards after testing, stops if...
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When your “Z” isn’t quite Z enough

Expect the unexpected. Maybe your “Z” conveyor isn’t quite “Z” enough. Maybe your new job setup has an unanticipated height difference between work cells. Portable, light but sturdy, these Lite Series incline conveyors are easy to pop in at needed points of your production line. We can make stands as high or low as you need....
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