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Category: Stamping Conveyors

Painless Steps toward Automation

By Jeff Melville National Sales Director Man vs. Machine.  It’s a story that has been engrained, at least in my mind, since the release of the original Terminator movie.  In a way, that has become a reality, but it has allowed for the human aspect to be placed into roles that allow for better use...
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Aluminum Metal Stamping with Lite Series Mini-Mover

This metal stamping machine is made more efficient with a Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor to carry off scrap material during production.  The automotive parts made here go into Tesla automobiles. Metal stamping operations create metal scrap, which needs to be carried out of the stamper during operation. Our Mini-Mover conveyors are durable enough to withstand...
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1-inch Wide Mini-Mover Conveyor is Standard “Skinny” for Us

It’s not just a low profile, or depth, that defines a small conveyor. Mini-Mover Conveyors is among the few U.S. manufacturers who also make skinny, 1-inch wide units as a standard width option. For applications such as metal stamping or machine integration, these skinny little units solve the space and fit problems.
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4 Tips For a Personalized Mini-Mover Quote

All Mini-Mover conveyors are personalized – built to the exact specifications you request. But it’s not always obvious what to ask for. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are four general areas to consider when getting a quote started for your personalized conveyor. You don’t need to know every answer to the areas below...
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Lite Series Simplifies Parts and Scrap Collection

Having a hands-free plan for removing finished parts or chips, adds safety and improved productivity for both your operators and machinery. Our Lite Series conveyors were originally developed for stamping operations and scrap removal, so they’re built tough. Integral side guides on Lite Series unit also helps the conveyor contain those odd shaped parts or...
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Ganged Mini-Mover Conveyors Great for Stamping Operations

Ensure the exact same, simultaneous belt speed from a row of conveyors by ganging them on a single gearmotor and speed controller. This capability is essential for metal and plastic stamping and forming equipment. Our Mini-Mover Lite and LP Series conveyors are popular for their reliability and durability in these environments. The configuration shown in...
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