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The Skinny on Mini (Conveyors)

We often receive questions about the usefulness or sturdiness of miniature conveyors — or even “what” makes a conveyor a mini conveyor. Explanations vary, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ on our view of the topic.

First, mini conveyor belt systems can solve many problems associated with limited space or moving small, delicate parts. Sometimes the miniature conveyor is needed to be built right into the machine or work cell. Then there are cases where small delicate parts need to be moved through safely in an already cramped production facility. And yet our Mini-Mover conveyors, even in the smallest sizes, are industrial strength.

Second, the breadth of options and accessories allows for a custom small conveyor setup that fits users’ needs. The various options are ready-to-run (plug and play) conveyors with integral drive packages; modular drive packages, motor voltage options, belt options, drive mount positions, and conveyor options. Accessory categories are: guides & rails, part stops, couplers & drive shaft (LP Series), product indexing timer, product guide cushions, mounting brackets and conveyor stands.

Skinny Mini-Mover Miniature Conveyors

Skinny Mini-Mover Miniature Conveyors

To view our FAQ in its entirety on our website, visit our page called Mini-Mover Mini Conveyors.