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Month: April 2021

We’re a READY Market Automation Partner

We believe automation should be affordable and accessible to manufacturers of ANY size or skillset. Mini-Mover Conveyors, as a @readyrobotics partner, and a member of READY Market, we’re very excited about the upcoming launch of the Forge/OS 5 cross-brand automation platform. Like our products, we believe Forge/OS 5 has the potential to make automation much...
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LP Conveyor Protects Brittle Ceramic Parts

When transferring slick, brittle ceramic parts downhill to the next work cell, our customer had a breakage concern. We solved the problem by equipping this declined LP Series conveyor with a sticky, grippy belt to slow the parts on their downhill slide. Sometimes, just a seemingly small change of belting material can make a big...
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Medical Mfr Cell with Indexing LP Series Conveyors

Using our highly adaptable, indexing LP Series conveyors, this medical manufacturer’s work cell features corner-transfers for a perfect fit into a confined space. The Mini-Mover LP offers indexed conveyor function to allow multiple inspections of each assembly being transported through the cell.
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