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Just a Steady Performer

Just a Steady Performer!

Rugged construction of our Mini-Mover products is why our customers love them. We can never predict the range of inventive solutions our conveyors and tables provide. Many manufacturing processes can be pretty dirty, with dusts, oils and fluids. Our Lite Series conveyors were designed specifically with this reality in mind. For daily parts and scrap transport, Lite Series conveyors stand up to the test — year-in and year-out. These tough little units require no expensive maintenance or heroics to remain reliable. Our customers come from all industries and all types of businesses, so while it’s a given that no two applications will be exactly alike, we get a big grin when there’s some usage that really pushes the envelope, and our units chug right along.

This first picture shows an example from one of our customers who manufactures high-volume industrial components. The picture unit has been in regular service for almost a decade, without any unplanned downtime.
The second picture shows one of Lite Series being tested before it heads to its new home as part of a package printing operation.

With options that include clean room options, extended fixed side guides, multiple stand and bracket mounting preferences, endless belting types, motor configurations, and a number of possible add-ons, the Lite Series can be personalized for almost any application. Give us a call and let’s get you moving!