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Category: Parts Catchers

Painless Steps toward Automation

By Jeff Melville National Sales Director Man vs. Machine.  It’s a story that has been engrained, at least in my mind, since the release of the original Terminator movie.  In a way, that has become a reality, but it has allowed for the human aspect to be placed into roles that allow for better use...
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Unattended Machine Offload with Our Rotary Table Accumulators

This high-volume machining facility now reduces operator time and losses in damaged materials.  By adding Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) units to their CNC cells,  throughput was also boosted.   As each of this cell’s sensitive parts is finished and reaches the lathe’s exit chute, the part can move separately onto the RTA unit for collection...
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Custom Conveyor Side Guides For Your Exact Needs

Each part or product transported with a conveyor often needs unique fixtures for proper alignment.  Whether your Mini-Mover conveyor is used for loading, positioning, spacing or unloading, we offer many options.  We receive many requests for custom side guides.  We’re happy to craft the perfect side guides to position and protect your product during its...
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Oily Parts Transfer with Lite Series Mini-Mover Conveyor

Tranferring oily parts is no problem for Lite Series Mini-Mover Conveyors.  Here’s a typical hard-working example on the busy shop floor of Anthony Screw Products of Burlington, Ont.  Simple automation reduces the need for skilled workers to perform repetitive — but necessary — basic production tasks.
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How to: Setting the Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) for Infeed

Many users have asked us, “What’s the best way to set the diverter arm on a Mini-Mover rotary table?” As shipped from the factory, our Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) units are configured to run in a counter-clockwise (CCW) rotation. [Optional direction change to a clockwise (CW) rotation is accomplished by changing the setting on your...
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Parts Collection for CNC Lathe with Lite Series

For unattended operation, this CNC lathe includes an integrated Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyor for parts removal. The finished parts drop from the lathe’s internal diverter apparatus onto the small conveyor.
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1-inch Wide Mini-Mover Conveyor is Standard “Skinny” for Us

It’s not just a low profile, or depth, that defines a small conveyor. Mini-Mover Conveyors is among the few U.S. manufacturers who also make skinny, 1-inch wide units as a standard width option. For applications such as metal stamping or machine integration, these skinny little units solve the space and fit problems.
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Chain of Support for Ford’s COVID-19 Ventilators

Ford Motor Co., in collaboration with GE Healthcare, is now producing a special version of Airon Corp’s FDA-cleared ventilator at Ford’s Rawsonville, MI plant. Ford expects to produce 50,000 ventilator units within the next 100 days, for use on COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Ford plans to produce 30,000 units each month thereafter as needed. Future...
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Parts Catcher Solutions with Mini-Mover Units

High volume precision parts production is worthless without quality results. And a parts catching solution is essential to keep products safe as they exit each running machine. Our customer, who produces automotive and medical parts to global markets, runs 3 plants, 3 shifts and 24/7 using our rotary tables (RTAs) at the discharge end of...
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