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Category: Lab-Medical

LP Series Mini-Mover for Medical Packaging

Here’s a Mini-Mover LP Series Conveyor used in “squeeze” mode for package integrity testing on medical gel tubes. The tubes are being ejected from a tube filling machine. The LP conveyor mounted over the conveying surface is set to squeeze each tube. This tests each tube to verify a complete seal of the seam along...
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Sturdy Versatility with Mini-Mover Conveyors

How useful or sturdy are miniature conveyors? And what, exactly, makes a conveyor a mini conveyor? Explanations vary, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ on our view of the topic: Read more about our Mini-Conveyors Mini-Mover Conveyors — both the Lite and LP Series — can solve many problems associated with limited space or moving...
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The Skinny on Mini (Conveyors)

We often receive questions about the usefulness or sturdiness of miniature conveyors — or even “what” makes a conveyor a mini conveyor. Explanations vary, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ on our view of the topic. First, mini conveyor belt systems can solve many problems associated with limited space or moving small, delicate parts. Sometimes...
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Custom Conveyor Side Guides For Your Exact Needs

Each part or product transported with a conveyor often needs unique fixtures for proper alignment. Whether your Mini-Mover conveyor is used for loading, positioning, spacing or unloading, we offer many options. We receive many requests for custom side guides. We’re happy to craft the perfect side guides to position and protect your product during its...
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Affordable Class 100 Cleanroom Options in Both Lite and LP Platforms

Mini-Mover Conveyors, div. of Whipple Ent., now offers newly Clean Room recertified Lite Series and LP Series conveyors, which include cost-saving belting options, for Class 100 (ISO 5) compliant applications. Modern manufacturing and product development is expanding into more delicate application environments, making clean rooms increasingly necessary. Industries like medical research, food and beverage production,...
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Affordable Automation for Today’s Challenges

Many businesses believe automation is too expensive, disruptive or complex to add or expand in their operations. Mini-Mover Conveyors works to lower those cost barriers, along with partnering with robotics partners who can simplify the training and deployment process for you. With affordable easy-to-use solutions, workers of all levels can be productive immediately — while...
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Medical Mfr Cell with Indexing LP Series Conveyors

Using our highly adaptable, indexing LP Series conveyors, this medical manufacturer’s work cell features corner-transfers for a perfect fit into a confined space. The Mini-Mover LP offers indexed conveyor function to allow multiple inspections of each assembly being transported through the cell.
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Sterilizing UV Conveyor System with Lite Series Conveyor

The Sterilizing UV Conveyor System, made by Fuller Ultraviolet of Frankfort, Ill., integrates a Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor and ultraviolet sterilization in a single stand-alone unit. This industrial grade unit encompasses the product area and treats all visible surfaces. UV light is proven to kill a wide range of bacteria (such as anthrax, typhoid, strep...
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1-inch Wide Mini-Mover Conveyor is Standard “Skinny” for Us

It’s not just a low profile, or depth, that defines a small conveyor. Mini-Mover Conveyors is among the few U.S. manufacturers who also make skinny, 1-inch wide units as a standard width option. For applications such as metal stamping or machine integration, these skinny little units solve the space and fit problems.
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Chain of Support for Ford’s COVID-19 Ventilators

Ford Motor Co., in collaboration with GE Healthcare, is now producing a special version of Airon Corp’s FDA-cleared ventilator at Ford’s Rawsonville, MI plant. Ford expects to produce 50,000 ventilator units within the next 100 days, for use on COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Ford plans to produce 30,000 units each month thereafter as needed. Future...
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