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Month: October 2022

Happy Halloween

There’s no end of Halloween ingenuity from our Mini-Mover Conveyor users! In the spooky spirit of Halloween, here’s a Lite Series Mini-Mover dispensing candy to trick-or-treaters. #happyhalloween
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Preparing for Winter

We’re preparing for winter here at Mini-Mover Conveyors! A main outdoor priority is trimming back overgrown oak and pine branches that overhang all office or outbuilding rooftops. Even though we still hope there’ll be good snowfall this year, it’s still wildfire season up here in our dry California Sierras. We’ll be ready either way. #defensiblespace...
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Uni-Mate® Can Save A Day… and Night

Keep your work cell running during breaks, lunch hours or overnight with an economical time saver: the Uni-Mate® from Mini-Mover Conveyors. By the end of a work-week, you may well have saved a day’s worth of operator hours. It never takes sick days, either! For unattended parts unloading from machines, Mini-Mover’s Uni-Mate® is a portable...
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Sturdy Versatility with Mini-Mover Conveyors

How useful or sturdy are miniature conveyors? And what, exactly, makes a conveyor a mini conveyor? Explanations vary, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ on our view of the topic: Read more about our Mini-Conveyors Mini-Mover Conveyors — both the Lite and LP Series — can solve many problems associated with limited space or moving...
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Choose the Right Belting for your Needs

The type of belting mounted on your conveyor can make a world of difference in how it performs for your needed tasks. Mini-Mover Conveyors recognizes the need to offer many options since our conveyors cover many applications. Conveyor belting can be made of many types of materials, each having different performance characteristics. Typically, the belting...
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It’s National Manufacturing Day!

It’s National Manufacturing Day! Gov.Chris Cristie of New Jersey proclaimed the first official Manufacturing Day in 2012. President Barack Obama signed the Presidential Proclamation in 2014. US manufacturing is on the rise, creating many new job opportunities. The US continues to develop products and explore new technologies for revitalizing and growing our economy. #usmanufacturing #NationalManufacturingDay...
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Affordable Conveyor Indexing

Conveyor indexing capabilities don’t need break your equipment or project budget. Mini-Mover Conveyors has affordable options for your ability to program the in-operation stops, starts, and belt direction changes on your running production line. Ask us about how we can help you with your next automation or integration project. #conveyorautomation #minimoverconveyors #usmanufacturing
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