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Category: UniMate

Man vs. Machine? Compare Your Costs

By Jeff Melville National Sales Director Man vs. Machine. It’s a story that has been engrained, at least in my mind, since the release of the original Terminator movie. It provided a scenario where the human race was being replaced by machines that did tasks better and more efficiently than their human counterparts. In a...
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Portable Parts Unloading with Uni-Mate ®

For unattended parts unloading from machines, Mini-Mover’s Uni-Mate® is a portable and adaptable solution. The Uni-Mate® consists of a Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor and a Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA). When bundled together as the Uni-Mate® kit offering, this unit becomes a free-standing parts catcher that’s easy to adjust (in both height and angle), with...
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4 Tips For a Personalized Mini-Mover Quote

All Mini-Mover conveyors are personalized – built to the exact specifications you request. But it’s not always obvious what to ask for. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are four general areas to consider when getting a quote started for your personalized conveyor. You don’t need to know every answer to the areas below...
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Uni-Mate Setup: Diverter Arm with CCW Rotation

Our highly portable Mini-Mover Uni-Mate™ family is a purpose-built bundling of our rotary table accumulator (RTA) units and Lite Series conveyors. This kit is expressly suited for unattended daytime or overnight parts unloading, collection and protection of sensitive parts. Shown here is a typical setup using a 48″ diameter RTA, equipped with a 6″ x...
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RTA and Lite Series Conveyor Unload Machine

Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) units are ideal for parts collection, even when loaded up with fluid-soaked or gritty parts. This customer chose to join an RTA and Lite conveyor he already had. An alternative is the use a Mini-Mover Uni-MateTM, which consists of conveyor and RTA and joining hardware, in kit form.
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