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4 Tips For a Personalized Mini-Mover Quote

All Mini-Mover conveyors are personalized – built to the exact specifications you request.

But it’s not always obvious what to ask for. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are four general areas to consider when getting a quote started for your personalized conveyor. You don’t need to know every answer to the areas below — but these are the things we’ll ask you about, to ensure you are quoted what will truly meet your specific needs.

  1. Product and People. What is the product you are conveying? What’s the weight and size? Is each unit boxed or loose? It the product very hot or cold? What’s the overall product weight that’ll be on the conveyor at once? Are you transporting raw, loose or packaged food? Do operators need to supervise the transport or unloading process? Is the height of the conveyor’s operating surface important, ergonomically, for your operators to do their jobs comfortably?
  2. Space and Setup Requirements. Will available floor space be limited, in either height or overall footprint? Will the conveyor pretty much remain portable or stand-alone, or will it be integrated into a work cell or machine? Do you need to move your product from one horizontal level to another level that’s either higher or lower? Does the conveyor need to unload product into a collection bin, sorting table or hopper? Will product need to be transported immediately to the next workstation, or does it need to be collected (accumulated) for inspection first, before being moved on?
  3. Speed and Directionality. What product throughput do you need for the conveyor (e.g., per minute, per hour or per day)? Keeping in mind your weight requirement from Item 1, and setup requirements from Item 2, your throughput goals will help us determine not only the speed needed by the quoted gearmotor, but also the motor torque (strength) needed to move your products at the speed you need. And maybe during a given shift, you need differing speeds to accommodate different parts or products. Variable speeds, the ability to reverse the belt direction, plus start-stop capabilities are other options we can offer.
  4. Accessories Needed. If you’re transporting tippy little bottles, round parts that roll around or product units you need to stay perfectly still for code printing, metal detection or inspection – we’ll have an accessory or two to solve your issues. We also offer fixed or portable stands and mounts to put your conveyor at the best height for your operators and your line. We can present you with many more options, and even test your product on a lab conveyor in our facility, to prove out an application before you buy a Mini-Mover product.

Just give Mini-Mover Conveyors a call at 800-586-4585, or visit our website’s Request Quote page.