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Month: March 2021

Fast Sheet Metal Stacker & Labeler with Mini-Mover LP

A Mini-Mover LP (low-profile) Series conveyor speeds up sheet metal shingles into a stacking device, where each shingle gets labeled. By automating this process, the manufacturer’s throughput on this line increased ten-fold.
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Metal Stamping Press for Tesla Parts Uses Lite Series Mini-Mover

This Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyor is working with a Rousselle metal stamping press for aluminum Tesla parts. Mini-Mover conveyors are built to withstand the rigors and heavy vibration of your harsh environment, while running flawlessly during stamping operations.
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Aluminum Metal Stamping with Lite Series Mini-Mover

This metal stamping machine is made more efficient with a Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor to carry off scrap material during production. The automotive parts made here go into Tesla automobiles. Metal stamping operations create metal scrap, which needs to be carried out of the stamper during operation. Our Mini-Mover conveyors are durable enough to withstand...
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Conveyor Backlights Aid in Robot Inspection

Many of our customers automate their inspection processes, using both conveyors and vision-enabled cobots, An essential in inspection, of course, is good lighting. Mini-Mover Conveyors provide a custom fit for the backlight equipment your automated inspection cell is using. Built to your exact specifications, too. Showm here is a Mini-Mover LP Series Conveyor.  
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Hoppers with Mini-Mover Conveyors Add to Safety

Whether it’s for high-volume precision machining or a packaging line sorting bottle caps, hoppers paired with an inclined conveyor provide a smooth transfer of components. Our Mini-Mover conveyors have proven to be an ideal companion for these setups. Shown in this photo, collected parts in the hopper will be released onto an inclined, cleated Lite...
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