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Month: April 2018

Where There Are Robots, There Are Conveyors

Meet Ethyl (at 0:18 sec.), Roxy (at 0:40 sec.) and Rocky (at 1:17 sec.) — Vanamatic’s collaborative robots, which incorporate Mini-Mover LP Series conveyors. These in-house-engineered robots integrate multiple functions to improve throughput, remove repetitive motions, increase worker safety and good ergonomics, save labor and boost product quality. Vanamatic Company of Delphos, Ohio, is an...
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Splat! Unusual Lab Tests for Mini-Mover LP

We can only surmise that some folks really, really have fun at their jobs. This Mini-Mover Lite serves as “ammo loader” for paint cartridges, in lab tests undertaken by a major auto maker. The small, bullet-shaped paint cartridges need to be aligned perfectly, from side to side and in close separation distance — so we...
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