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Category: Automation Conveyors

Vibatory Bowl, Hopper & Mini-Mover

Mini-Mover Conveyors combine readily with other equipment to form cohesive systems. Here’s a Mini Mover Lite series unit, used to supply a vibratory feeder bowl that’s handling hex screws. A hopper and a chute were also added on the conveyor side. The system is tied to a limit switch, which controls the volume of screws...
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Razor-Link™ for Those Tight Spots

For close tolerances in end-to-end applications, or just to fit into tight spots, the Razor-Link™ option for Mini-Mover LP Series conveyors can meet the test. Razor-Link™ uses a true “roller” design that uses two precision-machined aluminum pulleys to provide smooth, bearing assisted belt travel. This design boosts energy efficiency, lowers belt resistance and provides structural...
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Tabletop Filler/Capping System with Mini-Mover

By combining a Mini-Mover tabletop conveyor with PLC controls and custom controls, this custom machine can fill, cap and move packaged products Rocky Mountain PLC is an automation company that specializes in customized tabletop bottling. They offer precision bottle fillers, cappers and syringe pumps for liquid products. These plug-and-play, easy to use filling machines allow...
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“Hank” the Collaborative Robot

Shown in this demonstration video is “Hank,” a pneumatic robotic gripper created by Cambridge Consultants. Hank has a sophisticated sense of touch and slip. It can emulate the human ability to grip delicate objects using just the right amount of pressure. Also shown are a pair of Mini-Mover conveyors, which are an ideal choice for...
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Waterfall Transfers Solve Height Differences

“Waterfall” (or “cascaded”) conveyor-to-conveyor transfers are a handy, no-fuss way to deal with height differences between work cells. Just arrange your Mini-Mover conveyors end-to-end or at the angles you need. #automation #conveyorautomation #minimoverconveyors
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Ellison-Mini-Mover Part-Reject Inspection System

Ellison Technologies engineered this compact and effective turnkey system that inspects precision parts for critical measurements. The turnkey system uses a DN Solutions Lynx2100B lathe, a Doosan M1013 cobot, a Mini-Mover Uni-Mate® (conveyor and accumulator combo), a Keyence vision system and an air blast reject system. According to Ellison Technologies’ Lower Midwest Group (NOH location), here’s the...
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Custom Bagging System with Mini-Mover Lite

This custom-built automated bagging system includes a with Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor for product transport between the vibratory feeder and the bagger. Custom Design & Automation (CDA) did a beautiful job designing this durable, reliable system. (This video links to CDA’s Facebook page)
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Epson Robotics Demo with Mini-Mover Lites

Beautiful Epson Robotics demo at The Assembly Show this October in Chicago. We were delighted to see our Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyors play a supporting role in the popular display of this remarkable feeding system. Phil Baratti, Epson’s applications engineering senior manager, showed Epson’s RS-Series and IntelliFlex Parts Feeding System in this LinkedIn video: Video of...
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Uni-Mate® Can Save A Day… and Night

Keep your work cell running during breaks, lunch hours or overnight with an economical time saver: the Uni-Mate® from Mini-Mover Conveyors. By the end of a work-week, you may well have saved a day’s worth of operator hours. It never takes sick days, either! For unattended parts unloading from machines, Mini-Mover’s Uni-Mate® is a portable...
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Sturdy Versatility with Mini-Mover Conveyors

How useful or sturdy are miniature conveyors? And what, exactly, makes a conveyor a mini conveyor? Explanations vary, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ on our view of the topic: Read more about our Mini-Conveyors Mini-Mover Conveyors — both the Lite and LP Series — can solve many problems associated with limited space or moving...
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