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Maintaining Your Mini-Mover Conveyor System

Maintaining Conveyor Systems


  1. Stop Future Headaches:

Checking belt tensioning, cleaning between the pulleys and belts, and other relatively easy steps can add years to your conveying system, and save money at the same time. When in demanding conditions this can become crucial. Think of checking the tires on your car.


  1. Equipment Inspections:

Inspecting your equipment on a regular basis can help keep your conveying system up and running when you need it most. Look for cracking, fraying, or tearing in the belting. Inspect the tracking of your belt and look for any wearing or dusting along the side rails. Make sure the mounting of the motor is still tight and in line. Making sure your mounting screws are all tight which keeps your positioning.

  1. Speedy Bottling-Capping System with Mini-Mover Lite Series Conveyors

    Speedy Bottling-Capping System with Mini-Mover Lite Series Conveyors

    Customize the solution to start with:

Getting the correct belt to start with saves a lot of time and headaches down the road. Whether it is a certain friction, resistance to different chemicals or coolants, color, or cleat height and spacing, get it down right up front. Giving us a call when quoting can help choose the correct material. Ordering replacement belts from Mini-Mover is easy and can be shipped to your location.


  1. Keep a parts crib:

Downtime in the case of equipment failure can be one of the most frustrating things a company deals with. Keeping a stocked parts crib can minimize time and money loss. Storing belts and spare parts in a cool, dry place can be one of the best investments you can make.


  1. Employee Training:

Keeping employees trained on what to look for when operating equipment will help spot potential problems before they start. Reducing the risk of equipment failure caused by human error can be a big savings down the road.

  1. Choosing Suppliers with parts in stock:

A trustworthy supplier with parts on hand and, even more important, a support structure to get parts delivered can be crucial. Mini-Mover Conveyors pride ourselves on keeping our customers up and running and getting parts out to our customers is a big part of that.


Give us a call and see how we can get (and keep) you moving!