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Category: LP (Low Profile) Mini Conveyors

Cheers to Innovative Microbrewers!

Cheers to innovation! Over 60 microbrewers across the US and Canada have found the perfect solution for canning their delicious brews. Thanks to the Mini-Mover conveyors and rotary accumulator tables, these talented brewers can streamline their production process like never before. With this efficient automation, they can ensure efficient canning operations and maintain the high...
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Cut the Bulk! Our 12 x 12 LP Series Conveyors Sell by the Dozens

Are you tired of dealing with bulky, unreliable conveyors for your integration projects? Look no further than Mini-Mover Conveyors! Our versatile 12 x 12 LP Series conveyors are a game-changer, selling by the dozens for a reason. With their compact size and durable design, they are the perfect solution for your integration needs. Don’t let...
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Conveyor Backlights Boost Vision System Precision

Integrate a Mini-Mover conveyor with embedded backlight into a vision system to improve the accuracy and efficiency of quality control processes in manufacturing. By illuminating the product from underneath, any defects or abnormalities can be easily detected by the vision system, allowing for quick and precise sorting and analysis. Conveyor equipped backlighting adds precision and...
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Product Coding Made Easier with Mini-Mover Conveyers

Life gets simpler when you add a simple Mini-Mover tabletop conveyor to your product-coding operation, When printing codes (e.g. date codes) on products with an ink jet printer, your product must pass within 1/4-inch of the print head and at a consistent speed. This conveyor can do it. In this photo example, courtesy of Pro...
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Cleanroom Mini-Mover Conveyors Serve Many Industries

It’s important to have cleanroom-certified equipment when working in sensitive environments such as those in medical research, labs, food and beverage packaging, PPE production and electronics manufacturing. Mini-Mover Conveyors is dedicated to making the transition to Class 100 – ISO 5 compliant automation as seamless as possible for its users. The Lite Series and LP...
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Heat-Tolerant Mini-Mover Conveyors for Electronics

Mini-Mover Conveyors can take the heat! This manufacturer of miniature high voltage electronic devices uses Mini-Mover conveyors in its potting work cells. (In electronics, potting is a process of coating sensitive parts with a protective material that hardens.) In this potting unit, a Mini-Mover conveyor is used to transport freshly coated components or subassemblies through...
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LP Series Mini-Mover for Medical Packaging

Here’s a Mini-Mover LP Series Conveyor used in “squeeze” mode for package integrity testing on medical gel tubes. The tubes are being ejected from a tube filling machine. The LP conveyor mounted over the conveying surface is set to squeeze each tube. This tests each tube to verify a complete seal of the seam along...
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Critical Parts Separation Made Easier

Product separation of critical workpieces is no small matter for precision or high-volume parts manufacturers. Mini-Mover conveyors, whether Lite or LP Series units, have proven a favorite solution toward protecting sensitive parts. Small, touchy components – such as those made for electronics or aeronautics applications — cannot just be dumped into a bucket when exiting...
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Robot & Mini-Mover Conveyors Automate Box Filling

No job losses! This automated box-fill station simply took over the tedious job of counting and organizing piece parts while loading shipping boxes. It’s doing the work of those three people, who are now free to do more challenging projects during the work shift. Each station handles seven (7) boxes in process, which are filled...
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Card Reader with Mini-Mover Conveyor

This versatile card feeder system uses a Mini-Mover LP Series conveyor and is set up for high-speed labeling, counting and shingling or stacking. System options can also include bar-code printing, mounting of inspection cameras and more. #cardfeeder #labeling #conveyorautomation #minimoverconveyors
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