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Month: September 2022

Feeder Systems with Mini-Mover Conveyors

This night-time shipment of Mini-Mover conveyor/hopper feeder systems reminded us of something out of the “Alien” movie. Shipment went smoothly, without any extra-terrestrial intervention! Seriously though, here in the ‘real world,’ more and more automated parts handling applications combine feeder bowls with small conveyors like ours. #feedersystems #minimoverconveyors #partshandling
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Many Cleat Options to Fit Your Needs

The transport or belting surface on any conveyor is literally where “the rubber meets the road” for its effectiveness on your line. In addition to our many belt-material options, Mini-Mover Conveyors offers numerous belt-cleat options, especially configured for the task you must accomplish. Whether it’s the need for perfect product placement or positioning in automation...
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