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Month: April 2017

Money Saving “Gizmo” uses Ingenuity & 6 LP Conveyors

In a custom quality-control system nicknamed “Gizmo,” developed by Post-Logix, six LP Series conveyors help guide cabinet doors though a bar-code reader. The reader scans each cabinet’s UV bar-code to gather dimensional details, product details and quality conformance. By March 2017, Gizmo had so far scanned 150,000 doors. Already, it has helped the cabinetry company...
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Auto Parts Get Hosed, with Specially-Cleated LP Series Conveyor

This automotive parts manufacturer need a faster, automated way to get these tubes into and out of the washing station, through tight available space, without parts rolling off into machinery. Solution: Join the discharge section of the machining cell to the washing station via a 2-inch wide LP Series Mini-Mover conveyor equipped with two longitudinal cleats,...
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