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Time & Cost Saved with Mini-Mover Parts Unloading

Mini-Mover conveyors can help your CNC operator save all that machine unloading for more varied tasks. Instead of manually unloading workpieces, add a conveyor-aided unloading system. The operator is then free to tend several CNC machines or work on other time-critical jobs. With this simple (but effective) bit of conveyor automation, sensitive workpieces can also...
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Versatile Sizes for Rotary Table Accumulators

These Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulators (RTA) in production will ship to a high-volume manufacturer of metal connections, valves and complex assemblies. Most of the precision components made on this customer’s line are delicate and tiny, with slow cycle times. These smaller-diameter 16-inch RTA tabletops are ideal for space-saving at each station, while safely collecting each...
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Conveyors Can Boost Feeder System Output

Conveyors can give your feeder system a big boost in output. Mini-Mover Conveyors are popular in various types of feeder systems because they are virtually vibration free, reliable, and can be easily integrated and accessorized. Whether you’re offloading from a vibratory bowl, card reader or counter, the conveyor can speed up product output and add...
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Robot & Mini-Mover Conveyors Automate Box Filling

No job losses! This automated box-fill station simply took over the tedious job of counting and organizing piece parts while loading shipping boxes. It’s doing the work of those three people, who are now free to do more challenging projects during the work shift. Each station handles seven (7) boxes in process, which are filled...
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Card Reader with Mini-Mover Conveyor

This versatile card feeder system uses a Mini-Mover LP Series conveyor and is set up for high-speed labeling, counting and shingling or stacking. System options can also include bar-code printing, mounting of inspection cameras and more. #cardfeeder #labeling #conveyorautomation #minimoverconveyors
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National Retro Day – Blast from the Past!

Get ready. It’s National Retro Day this Sunday, Feb. 27. It’s a day to revive memories and old moments. Put on your polyester Nehru jacket or wear big hair! We dusted off our photo archive to find this 20-plus year-old photo of an “original” pre-production Mini-Mover Conveyor. Blast from the past! (The CNC machine is...
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Lean Production with Mini-Mover LP Conveyor

This Six Sigma-minded manufacturer devised a clever way to reduce NVAA (Non Value-Added Activities) at this high-volume production station. Using an inclined Mini-Mover LP Series conveyor, the freshly cut parts are transported up and discharged into a feeder chute. The chute leads to a tumbler, which sifts out metal debris before the parts are emptied...
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1-Inch Squeeze Conveyors for Box Packaging

Two narrow Mini-Mover LP series conveyors put the squeeze on small, filled product boxes, to create smooth folds. The LP Series conveyors are one-inch wide, equipped with grippy PVC belting. One unit is mounted upside-down and spaced one inch above the first unit. As product boxes move along the bottom LP conveyor, the top LP...
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Flexible L-Configuration to Suit Your Needs

When a Z-style conveyor won’t do: Sometimes the product or the process requires a different conveyor setup for elevation changes. We call it our Mini-Mover “L configuration.” It can achieve inclined or declined product movement, with a combination of belting types to suit the application. Sometimes, the application’s fixtures call for a gap at the...
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Vibratory Bowl, Hopper & Mini-Mover

Mini-Mover Conveyors combine readily with other equipment to form cohesive systems. Here’s a Mini Mover Lite series unit, used to supply a vibratory feeder bowl that’s handling hex screws. A hopper and a chute were also added on the conveyor side. The system is tied to a limit switch, which controls the volume of screws...
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