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Portable Parts Unloading with Uni-Mate ®

For unattended parts unloading from machines, Mini-Mover’s Uni-Mate® is a portable and adaptable solution. The Uni-Mate® consists of a Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor and a Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA). When bundled together as the Uni-Mate® kit offering, this unit becomes a free-standing parts catcher that’s easy to adjust (in both height and angle), with portability to move from machine to machine as needed.

Mini-Mover Uni-Mate for Parts unloading and Accumulation

Mini-Mover Uni-Mate® for Parts unloading and Accumulation

Various conveyor and RTA sizes are available to suit the volume requirements. The Uni-Mate® bundle also comes with cycle indexing capability to ensure separation of sensitive parts as they are unloaded and accumulated. For more details, visit the Uni-Mate® section of Mini-Mover Conveyors website.