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Tag: metal stamping conveyors

Automotive Metal Stamping with Mini-Mover Conveyors

This high-volume metal stamping line at Dial Tool Industries in Addison, Ill., produces display brackets used in Ford F-150 trucks. Several Mini-Mover LP series conveyors are integrated into the stamping press to remove scrap material. Our little conveyors are popular for their precision integration capability within working machinery.
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Punch Press Operation with LP Series Mini-Mover

Sheet metal punch press operation goes a little more efficiently with an LP Series Mini-Mover in this HVAC manufacturer’s facility. After shearing and initial punch shown here, the sheets are stacked for staging to the next operation.
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Metal Stamping and Mini-Mover Conveyors

Metal stamping operations gain a great deal of efficiency with ganged Mini-Mover Conveyors integrated into the machine.  Built to withstand the tough and often oily, grimy work environment, both Lite and LP Series conveyors can be built to exactly suit the user’s stamping progression, for both parts and scrap removal.
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Ganged LP Conveyors Aid in Metal Stamping

By ganging several narrow LP Series conveyors to a single gearmotor, a single piece of material placed across them can move forward, in identical speed and in perfect alignment. This is important in applications such as metal stamping, where conveyors can be integrated into the machine to move material though the stamping dies located inside (with...
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