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Specialists in Small Conveyor and Accumulator Solutions

Compact integral drive conveyors • Low profile modular conveyors • Rotary tables

Mini-Mover Lite Series Conveyor set up for coding and inspection A Mini-Mover LP Series Conveyor moving bottled water Lite Series Conveyors A custom conveyor and stand Accumulator table moving colored caps

Lite Series Conveyors

Sturdy but compact design is perfect for installations in confined locations where up-time is a must

LP Series Conveyors

Ultra-low-profile, compact design integrates easily into existing systems or floor plans

Lite Series Conveyors

Our most popular and economical design with thousands of units in service

Easy Conveyor Integration

Our small, highly-configurable units can simplify work cell and system design efforts

Rotary Accumulators

Our flat top tables collect work product during overnight operation, surge and transfer functions

Welcome to Mini-Mover Conveyors

Whipple Mini-Mover Conveyors is the industry value leader in the design and manufacture of portable and low-profile small conveyors. Since our inception in 1949, we have earned a reputation for our innovative engineering, efficient manufacturing systems, consistent product quality, and a dedication to customer support excellence.

With our renowned customer service we hope to create a relationship with you that endures like our small conveyor products. We strive to foster relationships that are built on trust, confidence and an assurance that we can deliver the product you need for your unique application. We are certain that the dynamics of our dedicated staff and mini mover products will be able to solve your small product conveyor needs better than other suppliers.

Find out why hundreds of companies have chosen our lightweight, long- lasting Mini-Mover products by checking out our small conveyors, conveyor belt options, accumulation tables, and related accessories. Check out the small conveyor applications to see a sample of potential uses of our product offerings. For further affirmation see what our customers have to say about us and our products in the testimonials.

Industries and Applications

• Assembly Automation
• Food Processing
• Product Labeling & Marking
• Metal Stamping
• Metal Working Part Automation
• Machining Cell Automation
• Molding & Extruding Product Handling
• Packaging Automation

Compact & Low Profile Mini Conveyors

Mini-Mover products are manufactured at the Whipple facilities in Volcano, Calif. A complete stock of components is maintained to allow orders to be shipped quickly. All Mini-Mover conveyors are built to the highest quality standards and include the Whipple Limited Lifetime Warranty.