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Feeding Systems with Mini-Mover Conveyors

For high-volume parts production,  there’s also a high volume of sorting and aligning of each part for transport to the next process.  Manufacturing workers would soon become overwhelmed without the aid of automated feeding systems.  Typically such a system will include a hopper or vibratory bowl for collection,  and a conveyor or alignment chute for offloading the sorted parts.  Shown here is a feeding system using a vibratory bowl to sort and orient  — and a Mini-Mover conveyor for offload.  Mini-Mover Conveyors are popular in feeding applications because they are highly reliable, configurable and easy to integrate into larger systems.  Many belting options are available to suit the product’s characteristics and the machine operating environment.

Vibratory Feeder with LP Series Conveyor

Vibratory Feeder with LP Series Conveyor