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“Hank” the Collaborative Robot

Shown in this demonstration video is “Hank,” a pneumatic robotic gripper created by Cambridge Consultants. Hank has a sophisticated sense of touch and slip. It can emulate the human ability to grip delicate objects using just the right amount of pressure. Also shown are a pair of Mini-Mover conveyors, which are an ideal choice for pick-and-place robotic applications.

Cambridge Consultants is one of the world’s leading product development and technology consultants. Their clients seek new, innovative strategies to harness today’s technologies – such as robotics, logistics, AI, wireless, electronics, mechanical systems — into real-life productivity solutions for business and industry.

Mini-Mover Conveyors are in widespread by many system designers. Because of their compact size and actable configuration, Mini-Mover Lite and LP Series units allow easy conveyor integration into larger projects.

Hank: the dexterous robot from Cambridge Consultants on Vimeo.