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Cheese-Maker’s Alternative to Stainless Steel

Do you always need a stainless steel conveyor in a food manufacturing environment? Not always, and Mini-Mover Conveyors offers some economical options for your food packaging needs. This cheese maker uses Mini-Mover Conveyors for product coding and marking.

Stainless steel units are simply not necessary in all sections of the food manufacturer’s plant. Once the portions or servings of food are packaged, and ready for labeling or coding, then lower-cost conveyor Mini-Mover options can well do the job.

For food package coding or inspection via laser or metal detectors, it’s far more important that the conveyor is small enough to run through the system with product on board, that is runs clean, and that vibration is minimal. If you need Clean Room Certification for your conveyors, Mini-Mover Conveyors has it. Whether Lite Series or LP Series, our units are ideal for coding, labeling, inspection and sorting for many food and beverage makers. Mini-Mover conveyors run cool, smooth and quiet – and can be liberally wiped down for cleaning.

[No, we’re not saying there’s no need to stainless steel. For sanitary food-prep applications, such as working raw meat, dough or other unpackaged food, stainless steel is a must for USDA-compliant full washdown cleaning.] #foodpackaging #minimoverconveyors