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Year: 2019

4 Tips For a Personalized Mini-Mover Quote

All Mini-Mover conveyors are personalized – built to the exact specifications you request. But it’s not always obvious what to ask for. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are four general areas to consider when getting a quote started for your personalized conveyor. You don’t need to know every answer to the areas below...
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Integrator’s Sonic Weld Station Uses Lite Series

Mini-Mover Conveyors were originally designed for the diverse metalworking environment.   This systems integrator designs and builds custom automation systems — from engineering, machining, metal forming to , welding,  punch operations and more. Shown here is a four-station sonic welder. The Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor is located on the final station. Parts are dropped onto the...
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Illustrated Guide to Cleats on Conveyor Belts

This topic never seems to get old.  A few years ago, many users asked us to share photo examples of our standard cleats.  We created a section in our  Belt Sample Gallery on the Mini-Mover website to illustrate our standard cleat offerings. . While optional, cleats are worth considering to keep sensitive products separated.  Cleats...
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Automated Parts Feeder with Inclined Lite

This automated parts feeder system can run without need for operator to manual feed.  It uses an inclined Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor equipped with cleats to hold the parts in place on the belt.
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Lite Mounted on Sliding CNC Lathe Door Speeds Operation

This customer decided to speed up operations at his CNC lathe.  He mounted his Lite Series Mini-Mover directly onto the sliding door under the parts catcher.  This way, wherever the operator needs access inside the machine, the conveyor and door slide aside simultaneously.  This setup saves them time and occupies very little floor space.
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LP Perfect for University Research Imaging Project

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have a big imaging project that our LP Series conveyor has helped speed up. So far, the team members have worked through about 3 million seeds. Each seed is imaged and data collected. The Mini-Mover conveyor is ideal for imaging applications since it has a wide speed range while...
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Dairy Operation Suits this LP Just Fine

Let’s face it. Stainless steel conveyors are darned expensive. But for sanitary food-prep applications, such as working raw meat, dough or other unpackaged food, stainless steel is a must for USDA-complaint cleaning. You really have to be able to hose them down. However, stainless steel units are not necessary in all sections of the food...
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Unattended Operation with Lite and RTA Unit

Mini-Mover products can combine in many ways to meet your automation needs. By using our equipment for unattended parts unloading, a shop can better use its crew for other tasks during the day, and run light-out at night. Our Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor is a natural companion for our RTA (rotary table accumulator) unit.
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Robotic Scrap Removal with LP Conveyor

Efficient scrap removal is integral in keeping a robotic cell moving quickly and productively.  Tough Mini-Mover LP Series conveyors can reliably transport any rough, irregular metal and plastic waste out of the way during production.
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Low-Vibration CG Kit Delivers Power & Precision

Powerful and precise, our popular Compact Group (CG) gearmotor/controller kit is ideal for conveyor applications requiring virtually vibration-free operation and space-saving size.  We introduced this kit in 2015, and it’s a real hit in coding, labeling, and inspection applications.  And everyone loves the versatility and reasonable cost. Components in this kit use standard commercial AC...
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